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Products/ Services


We are basically a software product company who introduced two products within first year of its inception. Over the years we have added some more products. Our current product offering includes:



An integrated and comprehensive software solution for Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits Management. It was introduced in the year 1999 and is in user in no of companies in India. It offers end-to-end support to HR function for any size and complexity in the organization.

It is a web solution and integrates Emailing and Workflow for paperless operation and faster communication.

The application is designed for decentralised data capture therefore HR is saved from work load of data capture.

Guarantees full compliance for statutory requirements for the state and central rules.

We can offer customized solution and integration with legacy or ERP systems.  

In addition to the standard functionality, PeoplePrism also supports Provident Fund Trust Management and the Pension Fund Management.

Provident Fund Management: is designed to support the management of Provident Fund for the companies who fall under exempted category. System provides all the features relevant to successful accounting and management of the Provident fund Trust.

Pension Fund Management: is designed to support the management of Superannuation/Pension Fund for the companies who have superannuation fund for the staff and managed internally. This application works as per the guidelines of the Superannuation fund.


Enterprise Software Solution for Express Business.

ESSFEB is an enterprise level offering for companies engaged in the business of Transportation and Distribution Logistics like Courier, Express Movers and Transportation (Trucking). This application has two variants, one for Courier Business and another for Conventional Transport Business (Trucking).

ESSFEB has been successfully implemented for i) Courier/Cargo company and ii) Conventional Transportation company. The software supports:

  • Branch/Franchisee Operation
  • Routes
  • Fleet Management with Service Management
  • Transshipments
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Customer Relations Managements
  • Track and Trace
  • Exceptions Management (Shortages, Overages, Damages etc)
  • Business Development/ Prospecting
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Service Level Analysis

The Transportation and Distribution business is slated for high growth rates in years to come. Some of these companies have successfully diversified in offering third party logistics solutions. This has created a massive growth opportunities for these companies. The world majors like FedEx, UPS and DHL have established themselves in India and acquiring Indian companies itself proves the Growth Opportunities in this field.


Marketing Information and Distribution System, A Secondary Sales Management System for FMCG Business.

MIDS is targeted for FMCG companies, who like to have on-line or daily control on stock management, secondary sales, infrastructure, collections, remittances and Sales Force Management. This is a web application and integrates the primary sales with stock management, in-transit inventory, secondary sales, remittances, collections and host of decision support MIS. It has inbuilt workflow and mailing interface for communication. The most important feature of the application is flexibility of operating in on-line or off-line mode and excel supported interface for data download and upload.

Applicable design is flexible enough to accommodate customer specific requirement in a short span. We assure customers full customization without compromise.


Enterprise Solution for Laundry Business

Area Control System is developed to manage end-to-end logistics operation of any Laundry Business. This system is developed on the lines of ESSFEB supporting door pickup and door delivery of garments for Laundry. Functionality includes branch/franchisee operations, Transshipment, Processing, Finishing, Quality Control, Billing, Accounting, Leasing, Customer Relations, Track & Trace, Warehousing and Inventory Management. The application provides features like Thermo patching, Bar Code Scanning and Process Control Interface. This application was successfully implemented for a Laundromat in Hyderabad with capacity of 15,000 garments per day in three shift operation.

Services: PayManage (End-To-End Payroll Managed Service)

  • PayManage is an end to end outsource service for Payroll. We have been offering these services for over last eight years with close to 100% service levels. Our customer base includes employee strength from 20 to 15,000.

    PayManage covers all facets of Payroll administration starting from Document/Data audit, Processing, Validation, Tax Processing, Statutory preparation and submission, Customer Specific MIS, HelpDesk, Employee Self Service, Grievance Management and so on..

    Since data capture is decentralised to employee level, it helps in making the operation paperless, ensures employee accountability and improves the operations cycle time.

    PayManage operation is run from the Data Processing Centre at Hyderabad. However depending on customer requirement, we can even offer services from the customer location with IT resources and implant manpower.

    We offer customized solution and support at every stage starting from the stage of implementation and post implementation phase.

    Statutory support includes monthly and periodic preparation and submission of challans and returns for Provident Fund, ESI, Income Tax, Profession Tax and Labour Welfare Fund. Other services include support for document preparation for new joinees, PF withdrawals, Transfers etc.

  • PeoplePrism- SAAS

    Software As A Service (SAAS) offering is meant for customers who are not keen to buy Software or Outsource the payroll operation for some justifiable reasons

    Under this scheme, we configure customized software on our web server and provide secure connectivity and application access to customer user team and employees. The operation responsibility rests with customer while VIPL team will ensure regular housekeeping, data backup and security validations.

    We can even give exclusive rights to customer team for housekeeping and data management in case customer is keen to have the entire role for themselves except owning the hardware, system software and application software resources.

    This is like a subscription model, where customer investment is in the form of
    (i) One time nominal charges towards the application configuration and data preparation and
    (ii) Towards monthly charges based on the understanding reached with the customer.